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Friday, February 4, 2011

Settin' In & Midtown Livin' Videos

This week we have been fortunate to receive the release of 2 music videos from Minneapolis based Rap Artists. The first one is from Danami titled SETTIN' IN, who honestly I did not know much about until this past Sunday's Amplified Life Showcase. In all honesty, i am a sucker for horns in rap music, but overall good music + good lyrics = must check it out. I will be adding this to my music library. Also check out cameos by TC artists, Freeze, Mally, Felix and more.

The second video, the one that makes me smile from ear to ear, is the debut of local powerhouse and southside homies Illuminous 3, with their music video titled MIDTOWN LIVIN'.I've know these fellas for a long time, since the formation of Illuminous 3 and I have been a follower and supporter of their music. It always makes me feel good when friends are getting the respect they do. The video pays homage to what we from Palabristas refer to as Frontera Lake Street, an essential area of south minneapolis the breathes diversity. i can go on about how great this video is, but i let you all be the judge. Shout Out to Greg Grease for the directing of the video and King Karnov for the beat.

For all you rap music fans. get your fix of Twin Cities and Midwest talent at Midwest Broadcast.

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