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Wednesday, February 16, 2011


last year i was introduced to Mike Swoop at his New Love CD Release Party that i attended with my brother. We had a great time!, I was vibing to the music i heard that night and i was compelled to purchase Mike Swoop album. Since then New Love gets many of plays on my ipod/iphone/laptop and when i heard that he was releasing a video from his CD i wanted to check it out.I am a little late on posting this and it took a reminder from Mike to check it out. But good things are worth the wait, i really like the video. It makes me miss NYC and we usually don't see many videos for instrumental tracks, but the storytelling flows really well! Good Job Mike Swoop!

If you haven't yet support Mike Swoop you should.

here is an excerpt of a review of new love, which really resonates with me

"Having honed his skills as a DJ for Twin Cities’ rhyme collective Diametrix, Swoop is rooted in Hip-Hop, but for his own album he definitely straddles genre lines in order to create the most heavenly loungin’ music I’ve heard in quite awhile. Containing elements from Dancehall, Dub-Step, Afro-Beat, Electronic and even Blues, Swoop cultivates magnetic arrangements that effortlessly get ya head groovin’. The basslines are thick and rolling, the instrumentation is crisp and sultry and every track has it’s own identity. "

New Love Review by Above Ground

Here is me with my New Love Package:

Mike Swoop-Up Late

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