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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Remembering Brandon Lacy Campos: Puerto Rican Obituary Interview

A year ago in November i lost a brother.

Brandon Lacy Campos left this earth without notice. No more sassy texts, no more contagious laughter.  No more poetry. No more nerdy discussions about star wars, haduken's and comics.

About 2 years ago i started this project with Palabristas, a collective of poets, writers, organizer that both Brandon and I were part of. The project was to record the famous poem by the Puerto Rican poet Pedro Pietri. Puerto Rican Obituary is a timeless classic in my eyes. There is so much truth in it that is relevant to this day.

Brandon loved this poem, so when i approached him about participating in this project he was really excited. It has taken me this long, almost a year from his passing to finish this part of the project.

In this interview, Brandon Lacy Campos discusses the importance of this poem, his favorite lines and addresses why Palabristas should embark in this project.

August 31st is Brandon's birthday. We would usually celebrated in some sort of communal BBQ in Minneapolis, MN. All kinds of people from different entities, ideologies would come to see him. Brandon had this energy and this power to bring people together. He still does, even after he left us.

I promised Brandon that i would finish this. Well, here is part 1 of the project.

Happy Birthday Brandon!

We all miss you dearly....