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Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Verse for the Swine Flu Poem.

SO me and Brandon Lacy Campos have been working on this SWINE FLU POEM, i honestly have had writer's block for the last 6 months..but last night i broke through. i thought i share. Of course, its raw, but damn it. its great to feel this excited about writing again!

"Its been decided I am having my tia give this whole country a cleansing
Let her pass the egg over this nation
Get rid of the illness we call racism
And if that’s not enough i am bringing the shaman
That took me in that day in Cuzco
So he can show me the truth with coca leaves
And if that don’t work i'm calling for an insurrection so it does leave.
Cuz this illness has caused famine
Brought back manifest destiny
Now we killing Mexicans cuz we feel like it
Shoot fathers in the back and broadcast it worldwide
Kill Hmong youth and plant the evidence
Shoot up houses and always ask questions later
Question, do you all still wanna call me a hater?
Walk a block in my frontera and quarter of a mile in my shoes
And you will find it the longest trail of tears
And the heaviest shoes filled with lies and broken promises
Perhaps then you might begin to see why we write
And if I could transform our words into a vaccine
i make sure to call Obama and over a beer convince him and the FDA
to bypass congress and make this mandatory
so we can be infected with the truth
take a page out of Hans Carlson a la carte
and call this a POEMdemic and the virus Contagious Poesis
yes I am diagnosing this nation and tell them we hold the vaccine.

and here is a video..forgive my eye movement i was reading it.

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