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Friday, July 17, 2009

Swine Flu Poem Verse

This is taken from a collaboration with Brandon Lacy Campos. He said my verse was FIERCE! so i figure i let you all read it.

Photo by Andrew MacDonald

Swine Flu Verse

I say its hard been brown
Harder living in a border town
But now chalino has 2 wear a mask to protect free trade from getting infected
Human right activists, tell me who needs to be protected?
We got babies dying south of the rio grande and every where in my homeland
Yet all fox news and the patriot can talk about is how this is an immigrant infection
Now let me sharpen your recollection.
We blamed mad cow disease on who?
And who took responsibility for the avian flu?
But we get to the this piggy flu and you all got a demographic to blame
This must be a casting for conspiracy theory, cuz we all got framed!

The only swine I know dress in blue and when I see them cruise I let my middle finger loose
Now think twice, when you tell me to turn and cough
I’m being nice cuz u never let me choose.

more to come stay tuned...


abrowngirl said...


Anonymous said...

thanks Alicia!

brandon's verse is sooo fire.

kaney said...

Australia's government sadly is proactively involved in this almost global cover up of actual interdiction practices and policies concerning the H1N1 Swine Flu virus. While the Australian government uses the smoke and mirrors of concentrating on passengers flying into Australia showing possible signs of Swine Flu, and the animal rights groups are concentrating on the inhumane treatment of Australian factory pig farms, neither is asking any questions about obvious truths.

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