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Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Its been 20 plus years since i celebrated a 28th of july in Peru. Its been a long time,away from home. But this year it will be the most memorable one in my lifetime. Mostly, because of what is happening in Bagua but also for the fact that both my parents are there today and that adds to the mounting yearning to write and to be at the homeland. i mus admit its not easy, but i always remember the pride that came from el 28 de Julio and now as an adult( most of the times!) i've learned to see this day as one of reflection.
Reflect on the past and acknowledge that there is much work to be done in the land of the incas.

the recent events in Bagua have brought up issues of class, race, Indigenous Rights (#nosamsclub) and Free Trade (NO DRILLING IN THE AMAZON!) and the ongoing issues in the United States with race and politics really foreshadow my feelings of END-DEPENDENCE.

We never seem to find this idea to be free. we exchange this feeling of freedom for dependence. Please no Global Economy speeches! it seems to me that all we have done is changed owners.

but what can we do about it?

i know what i will do.
i will write,
i will speak,
perform to inform
raise my pen in defiance
and my fist in alliance
with mi gente
que siempre estan en mente
until the we can breathe freedom under each breath.

So on this 28 de Julio, while we celebrate our rich history lets remember that we are still DEPENDENT on the system that was implanted when the Spaniards left. Not much has change, but hope in the Homeland and in the hearts of peruano's world wide drives me and many others.

So one day my ladies (pictured below) can see my homeland and call it their own as well.


Feliz 28!!!!!!!!!!!

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