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Monday, December 14, 2009

Guante + Big Cats= An Unwelcome Guest Release Show

I will not go into to detail on how dope Gaunte is. But this is one of the unique rap albums i've listened to this year. Sure there are rap albums with themes, many never seem to grasp those themes as well as Guante + Big Cats "An Unwelcome Guest" Album. , buy his album and the lyric book! and if you got kids or lil nephews, nieces, etc the stickers make great gift stuffers! Rapper created! kid approved!

so i arrived at the Bedlam theater in the middle of The Tribe's set with help from Chantz Erolin which i was dissapointed in missing the majority of it, The last track that Truthbetold did was good and so was the the one Chantz did off Cay-Riss "In The Red/Green EP,"

then came on No Bird Sing, i had never seen them performed but they did a good job!had nice stage presence. so i was glad i was there!

Kristoff Krane was next and toki wright had mentioned to me that he was on the Mcnally Smith Rhymebook CD Sampler that i was also featured. so i was intrigued to see what he came up with. I must say he was really innovative towards the end of his set, got the crowd involved, but then came the "lets do some crazy" and took a chair, guitar and went to the middle of the floor and started singing. nice change of pace!

But it was time for the main act,and after a couple of technical difficulties Guante + Big Cats + Band started rocking out. the stage set up was good. i had never been to the Bedlam theater for a show, but if we get the sound fixed in there, it be a great new venue.

From the beginning Guante delivered with energy and the crowd was reciprocating.He put all the engergy he had and the guests from Truthbetold, Chastity Brown, Big Quarters and No Bird Sing as well as the band rocked it! my fave track right now is the collab with Big Quarters titled "the Stockholm Syndrome", others like "the national anthem" and "dragons" seem to find themselves in my ipod. My best suggestion is order the cd for $9.99 through Strange Famous Records because it comes with tons more goodies then having Guante hand delivered to you himself (i am speaking from experience folks. So order away, tell me what your fave tracks are. till then enjoy the pics i took and the videos from the show!

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