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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Guante Raps, that means you should listen.

so when kyle aka Guante all should listen.

and since he is dropping a cd on Dec. 12th at the Bedlam Theater you should really go and buy a cd and me a beer. gotta support great artists.

watch him rap.."michelle bachmann the game/ get on the mic say something insane:"


December, 12 2009 10:00 PM - AN UNWELCOME GUEST CD RELEASE @ BEDLAM THEATER w/ No Bird Sing, Kristoff Krane, The Tribe (18+)
1501 S 6th St, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55454 -

Sponsored by Tru Ruts/Speakeasy Records, SUBSTANCE,, Youth Against War and Racism and Socialist Alternative. The Bedlam is right on the light rail line, and also has a parking lot. BIG FUN. TELL YOUR PEOPLES.

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