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Monday, January 10, 2011

Lady Bug Poem

Today is Giselle Daniela Sanchez-Esparza's 4th Bday. there are many reasons she makes me smile on a daily. but the most important one, is that she lets me be part of her life.

Giselle Papi loves you! <3

Lady Bug

For Halloween i was a TMNT

Michaelangelo to be exact

The year before I wanted to be Bruce Wayne

and lets say, i might have enjoyed that a bit too much

In her case, her infatuation for the past two years (2/3 of her life)

Has been lady bugs

I ask her why lady bugs

And she says because they are small and cute like me.

And who can argue with that.i know i cant.So I tell her

You are right and you will always be right.

you see, she is 3 feet tall and our adventures include

climbing mt everest, all the way up her bunk bed

we make train sets, be our mode of transportation into her make belief world

make couch cushions and blankets be our fortress

we make up words like achabatuba

except she can’t say tuba so she replaces it with tuga

practice rolling our rrrr’s

our colors in ES-PA-NOL

because language is culture

tickle her sister cuz its the fun thing to do

we hide and seek for new adventures

and look for each other when life gets hard.

i never thought i would have 3 of my best friends live under my roof

i never thought i would be so happy with less, but she is my living proof

so we construct lego inequities that only make sense to her

stack dominos into mansions like quadratic equations

we color circles, squares, triangles and call it family

we dance to beat of our heartbeats

and to the rhythm of snare drums

we recite lyrics and make her magic wands be the microphone

she says she is a water bender and i her last airbender

we haduken our way through the strife

and embrace each other, so we can taste life.

i tell her i love her, and i miss her.

even though she hasn’t left my side.

she says i know.

and thats when i bow to her innocence.

make a promise to protect it by any means necessary.

with my pen and my machete of a tongue

i will show no mercy to those who stand in her way.

will make the massacres at the hand of the conquistadores

look like soap bubbles.

i will fight for her until she tells me she is a big girl.

then i will let go and try to find where i hid my innocence.

hoping and waiting that she still wants to be a ladybug.