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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

New poem-needs feedback

Hello all,

I wrote this at the airport as i saw my parents exchange good byes. I am sure they thought I was textin someone. I wasn't. Feedback please.

In struggle ,



I've never seen them hug
Much less kiss
32 years I waited for this.

He watches as she checks in
Carries her bags for her
Like he has done for all her trips
Walks her to her security check point
And I wish that the glass on the wall could talk
All it does is show me the reflection
And let's me write the story.
It's her turn to part
So she turns around
They embrace like it was the first time
I am aware that these times will end
I think she does too
She kisses him on the cheek
And heads to a routine well known
But always unprefered
I watch for his reaction
All he does is watch her
Until she fades away into
Conglomerate filled halls
I know that there is love
Even if brief
All I can do is wait
Wait for the next embrace
It will happen at the same place
And the glass will not talk
Just show someone
That love is/was there
Even if it was brief
It was there
I know
Because I am their creation.

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