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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Toki Wright: By The Time I Get To Arizona Redeux

Friend, rapper and Rhymesayers artist Toki Wright just sent me this. A Remix of Public Enemy's "By The Time I Get to Arizona" the 2010 version. Your job is to listen and repost , repost, everywhere.


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Download here!

Song: By The Time I Get To Arizona Reduex

Artist: Toki Wright

They say 400,000 workers

Crept across the border

Hell yeah

I need to get to Arizona

But my money’s spent

On food clothes and rent

Neither party is mine

So middle finger to the government

20,000 brown skinned people in the corner

of the cell

some from Tiajuana some from California

populus none

in the desert and sun

where the whip cracker

sucka minuteman

get his new job from

look hard at prison guards

Isn’t it odd and unique

Seeing people beat down

In the heat

120 degree

til my people get free
More Fiya to your tower

til it burn to our feet

why wanna pass a law

well fuck it

cause they wanna

separating kids from their

daddy and their momma

they aint selling no rock

standing out on no block

I got a 9 in my mind

So blam blam

I’m the trigger man

Looking for the govenor

Huh, she aint loving ya

Ha, But here to trouble ya

She’s rubbing you wrong

Get with it and ride along

Let me get to the point

I urinated on the law

While I was kicking this song


She appear to be fair

Whip cracker over there

She trying to keep it yesteryear

The good ole days

The same ol ways

That keep us poor

Mad that theres more of us

And less of yah’ll


What she need

Is less Jim Beam

Read between the lines

Then you see the lies

Politically planned

But understand

That all she wrote

With the evil inside

You hide behind your vote

And now they want to ban us


I’m speaking bout my people

You live on stolen land

So you’re illegal


I aint waiting for no date

My people need respect

So yah’ll can shove your laws


I'm on the one mission

To tell the politicians to honor

Or be a gonner



I got about 100 days to do it

If a walls in the way

Watch me kick right through it

Cause I gotta do what I gotta do

Toki’s number 1

Gets the job done

When it's done and over

police got a quota

Its simple mathematics

Not stick but automatic

That's the way it is

Now something’s got to give

SB 1,0,7,0 got to go!

Make the state pay

Lookin' for the day

Hard as it seems

This ain't no damn dream

Gotta know what I mean

It's team against team

Lets wash the slate clean

So I pray

I pray everyday

I do and praise Jah and Buddha

Blocking off blocks

Make coppers have to come and move ya

Pushin' and shakin' the structure

Bringin' down the babylon

Hearin' the sucker

That make it hard for the brown

Was hard on the Boulevard

But now

More now than ever now

Who's sittin' on my freedom

Oppressor’s the soul eaters

We deep in the streets

No justice no peace

What we screaming now

Reparation a piece of the nation

And damn we got some nerve

Another terrorist they say and classify

We want too much

My peoples in here deep

Touch one of us

You’ll see a ton of us

Here's a brother my attitude hit 'em

Let me know

They come into your front do

You come into they front do

The blind get a mind

No more fearing

And we gone clear it out

There will be the day we know who’s down and who will go

Go, go, go, go



Mlvlatina said...

Powerful words, crucial message.

Julian Hines said...

thank you for showing some love to Toki! we love him up here in the twin cities too.