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Friday, April 16, 2010

NAPOWRIMO 5/30 Teddy Bear (for the mama and papa bears)

Teddy Bear

She calls me over to sit with her
We talk about cartoon characters
And the fact she doesn't like witches.
She motions me to lean closer to her,
She has a secret,
shhhhhh! she says,

Then whispers,

Could you be my teddy bear?

I welcome the request and cuddle next to her.

Her warmness soothes me.
I feel at home in her embraces

Her love and devotion is priceless
Me limpia el espiritu
With each cariƱo.

She gets up and points to the TV in excitement

Commercials are over.

She watches tv with her Teddy bear
And waits to see
Who snores first.

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