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Monday, February 23, 2009

San Francisco: Day 3-Galeria de La Raza Performance

After a long night in San Jose, This last day we had the morning off. so i cooked some lomo saltado! and i actually ate fish (I am ashamed to be peruvian and not enjoy seafood). then we got down to business, we practiced our set, hoped lorena's health would improve. checked in with the kids ( a daily thing that made the travel much easier on my family,thank god for video chatting!)

chillaxed and then went to Galeria de La Raza.

i had heard about Galeria and the wonderful Mission District, for reals, this made me more homesick (for the motherland) but i loved being surrounded by brown people, brown stores and spanglish overall ( there was a washeteria and a burbujeria)

had some cafe con leche, then thanked the lady who let me use the bathroom at the washeteria ( i am really liking this term)

we saw las manas 3 perform, it was amazing. they were really good and gave us a glimpse into what Palabristas can be like.

it was our turn, we did our thing, brandon read his stump speech, lorena talked about her flint tongue and i flew in condor's wings. We let them know that Minnesota has some pretty good Brown Poets or as BLC puts it, brownies.

we received alot of love from the bay, from artists, like paul flores, marc, milta, las manas tres, molina soleil.

we had a great time to create.

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Brandon Lacy Campos said...

I am like super way late. I JUST found these blog posts. Duh.