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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Day 2: Mission District School and MACLA Performance

On our second day, brandon, myself and David decided to get a brief tour of the uppity oakland area that mr. lacy campos found himself. as we walked around getting mean mugged by residents, we walked around the neighborhood and saw the flora and fauna and let the time get the best of us.

we ended up running a bit late to our workshop at a mission district high school. Milta (Marc's Fiance) has a writer's workshop with some 9th graders, all of them poc. We came in to talk about what we do, and share our work then get to writing. It was a wonderful experience! the kids loved us and mostly we loved them, for their willing to write and listen to us. they wished we could come every friday. We also wish the same thing.

after putting feelings with words on paper we went home and got ready for our show at MACLA, in San Jose.

At MACLA, we had 2 shows. met someone from ANOKA! we Minnesotans are everywhere. Met some new people, ate some pupusas ( pics will be provided by lorena) and went on our merry way back to oakland.

enjoy the pics.

visit to the school

MACLA, San Jose

more pictures

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