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Friday, November 30, 2012

La Lancha by Rodrigo Sanchez-Chavarria

Lyrics by Rodrigo Sanchez-Chavarria
Vocals by Isabella Sanchez-Esparza
Recorded at Sunday Más
Photo by Andrew MacDonald
Graphic Design by DSGN Champion

When I was little. There was a song that would bring me comfort. My mom would sing it to me when I was afraid. When I was in pain. It calmed me and made me focus on the endearing and nurturing voice of my mother. We all have a song, a lullaby that we remember in our infancy and when we hear we are reminded of those feelings.

That song for me is La Lancha, which  is a Tango song created in 1928 written by Franciso Bartardi but it has been interpetred by many Latin American groups.

My mother used to sing me a verse from that song. Now I sing that verse to my children. La Lancha is a poem about my daughter Isabella and how when she was really sick I sang her that lullaby to make her feel better, just like my mother had done with me. It's about a father’s relationship with his daughter in a time of sickness and how the lullaby helped both of us get through it.

La Lancha is the 2nd single from the upcoming EP titled “Don’t Let them Erase You”.

Watch Rodrigo explain the meaning behind La Lancha:

For your convenience, La Lancha is available for download below:

For those of you who prefer streaming, we have also posted La Lancha on the most popular and user friendly sites on the web:

About Rodrigo:
Rodrigo Sanchez-Chavarria is a writer and spoken word poet of Peruvian heritage, heavily involved with Palabristas, a local Latin@ poets collective. He is a graduate of the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities and is an involved activist in the Latin@ community.  He writes about fatherhood, the duality of two cultures in English, Spanglish and Spanish, and issues pertaining to his community and life experiences. In 2006, he was a member of the poetry collective, “Found In Translation,” which was commissioned for the Minneapolis Mosaic Festival and one of the recipients of the 2005 SASE VERVE Spoken Word Grant. He has performed with Yellow Rage, Los Nativos, Chicano Messengers of the Spoken Word and Big Quarters. Sanchez-Chavarria hosted El Café Open Mic, located at El Burrito Mercado in the heart of the Westside of St. Paul. He also takes the power of his work to local high schools, colleges, and universities, both in the Metro Area and in Greater Minnesota, in which he engages in conversation with students in regards to the art of spoken word and how they can use it as tool of liberation. He manufactured and independently released a Spoken Word CD in 2006 titled “Desconocidos” with the collaboration of other local poets, and is featured in the Palabristas Chapbook titled “Outside the Lines.”

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