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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Ed Bok Lee and Bao Phi Book Release Show 9/24/11!

There are many great thing happening to my friends/artists lately, and i will address them in due time but coming up this Saturday, September 24 at 8pm at Minneapolis Central Library  spoken word power house's Ed Bok Lee and Bao Phi will be doing a co-book release event and its free!

Bao Phi is not only one of my favorite artist's in the Twin Cities, but he is also a great community activist. Bao was the first one to ever give me 5 minutes to spit a poem at an Equilibrium Spoken Word Series at the Loft and get paid for it. His support not only for my work and for Palabristas has been influential to everything i create. I have endless love and support for the work that he does in our community and I am extremely excited about his first book of poetry titled "SONG I SING"  being published by Coffee House Press.

(review of Song i Sing by Tom Horgen)

You see Bao's poetry is not only real, with images and experiences, but as an immigrant, as my family was transplanted to MN from Peru, i see myself often in what he writes.

Which brings me to another amazing poet/writer whom also happens to be co-releasing his new book with Bao Phi this Saturday ( i am really glad they decided to make this a co-release because i could not see myself in 2 places at once) and that would be the amazing Ed Bok Lee.

(Review of Ed Bok Lee Whorled on the Star Tribune)

Ed Bok lee, is well, one of the most humble people i know, a damn good forward when it comes to soccer (P.O.C. soccer reference) and just one of the most mesmerizing performers/poet i have met.  His previous book Real Karaoke People  is one of my local favorite poetry books. But to really immerse yourself in the levels of amazing that Ed creates you need to watch this beautiful video made from his poem American Woods, a poem about the Chai Vang case. I first heard a draft of this poem at an Equilibrium series and was blown away.


I am so glad that Coffee House Press decided to give these two artist a chance to publish their work!
So this Saturday st 8pm we plan to sell out the Minneapolis Central Library, to honor the great art and work these two amazing artists create. I love it when my people/friends have great things happen to them. hope to see you there. 


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