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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Audio Perm- Permed out Wednesday

i've been known to dwell in the great local rap scene in Minneapolis. You gotta support the local scene if you are part of the local scene is what i say. in one of dwelling tours i was introduced to audioperm. group member Taylor Madrigal kept on asking me to download their beat tape. i am so glad he did because I instantly became a big fan and could not wait till their second beat tape dropped, Audio Perm in Full Effect Once that dropped it was inspiration to my ears. Then they came out with this Permed out Wednesday and its been damn good. someday i like to work on a project with them, till them this will do.


Bobby Richardson, Yakub, Big Dylan, Niles Miller - 4th & 4th (Prod. Julian Fairbanks) by AudioPerm

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The 3rd installment in our “Permed Out Wednesdays” series, featuring special guest Niles Miller. Produced by Julian Fairbanks. Bobby, Yakub, Dylan, and Niles got together over a Julian Fairbanks beat, and wrote and recorded their verses all in one session. Niles Miller is featured on the track, representing No Static, along with Permed Out regular, Big Dylan. The song was recorded at Hogwarts Thugs Mansion 4th & 4th Studios, on November 18th.

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