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Tuesday, June 8, 2010



Chalino rides the bus
Wears a mask because of the fear of the brown planet
Fear of the sixth sun
Montezuma’s revenge
Figures its karma
And this time it does not pay in pesos
Or land promises
Written in invisible ink
On sobbing red tears
wrapped in small pox covered blankets

this time its delivered by the FDA
Assuring that the swine have no flu
media flashes bronze people on TV
Commentators blame a demographic

they want to repatriate the flu
back to Mexico
like in the great depression

people blame my complexion
every time they sneeze
they cough
they sniff

don’t blame the man made disasters
blame us for terrorism
the stock market falling
the lack of jobs
the expenses of health care

being a tax burden they can’t write off
depleting their 401k’s
exposing the truth
the dollar runs the USA

They call for the return of Jim Crow
The decapitation of ethnic studies
They say we need to be colorblind
Forget what’s in the past
I am sure that’s what the fore fathers had in mind
Rewrite history books so we can never
Know the dark history
The one that talks about our existence

The FDA was right; the swine don’t hold the flu
We do, and this is our epidemic.

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