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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

NAPOWRIMO 3/30 Taco Truck

Its a bit rough..but i like it.

Taco Truck

I wish there was a taco truck
For every time someone mispronounces my name.
So then I could feed this hunger.

A taco truck for every time
People forget where I stand
And maybe then I will be counted.

2 taco trucks with a 5 gallon container of horchata
for every time they looked down upon the grace of my mother.

5 taco trucks and a torta bus
for every time I get asked where I come from
never asked where I am headed.

you all can’t see in this fog I call your vision
but I got the eye drops you need saturating in my saliva.
Just say when and I’ll gladly spit shine your pupils.

No Charge!

7 taco trucks 2 torta buses, 3 cases of beggar’s pizza and a never-ending supply of Don Pablos Chips and Salsa,
for every dumb motherfucker who said our love would not last and that we were too young to spend the best years of our lives together.

8 taco trucks and a semi full of mango Snapple’s
for the times the cops decide to play Russian roulette with my anxiety.

But I would give almost all of it back, if you would acknowledge our presence.
Say our names right,
even if it takes you a couple of tries,
we’ve been patient this long.
We can bear another 35 seconds
Then look us in the eye
And say
It’s your turn to lead.

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Mlvlatina said...

You truly have a gift.