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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Neza Graphic Poem

i got this pic from andrew macdonald and i wrote this. its still new. but if you can give me some feedback. it be greatly appreciated.

syncretism demanded by catholic churches
they build over indigenous beliefs
with thick biblical coats of paint
covering lies
and culture

hoping we forget
the severed limbs
of the fallen

Found buried deep in the soil
under smog cities
Concrete jungles
& manifest destiny

These are our birth marks ,
we cover them
With Revlon mascara

people are oblivious to them
believe they are advertisements
but they are foreshadowing the return.
They say it will come from the mountains
But its here on our streets
Mixed with code switching and aerosol cans.
It speaks

Are you listening?

They grow

Are you watching?

Its coming.
Its coming.

Cultural uprising.

Its here.

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