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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Visit to Arco Iris and Billy's Quince

I had a great long weekend in Chicago/Blue Island/Harvey for billy's quince. it was good to see family and see the kids be kids. many thanks goes out to Belinda and Family for housing us. Marisa and Willie (mi comadre y compadre) for feeding us and hosting us. Bill for throwing a party and billy for making us padrinos de aretes.

anyways we got there..and we got served some yummy food.

then the next day we had to go to the ceremonies, but every time i drive by Blue Island i think about Burr Oak Cemetery and the person who is buried there, but with sadness comes happiness. its part of the life cycle and we need to be thankful for that. it was wonderful been able to see the quince. the entry dance was cool! but what i was waiting was the attempt of thriller on the dance floor.

i must say, they did a good job.

you can judge yourself, here is some video i took with my old phone (more news on that later, thanks Belinda!)

after recuperating i traded phones, and now i am a proud owner of a 2g iphone, i updated the firmware and jailbreaked if you need tips on doing that holla!!!

we left late on monday..but we made it home.

the next day i went to Arco Iris/El Colegio/La Escuelita ()
to do a presentation about spoken word to some youth. i enjoyed this very much,cuz i got to meet up with fellow artists in the community that are active in the community (shouts out to Maria Isa and Orikal!) and i also got to kick it for a bit with andrew macdonald, one of my fave photographers. we are working on a chapbook, some of the poems are in this blog!

so me and andrew went out to check out the murals that the students make every year, some really dope artwork!

this picture stood out to me because of the message and also because the homie andrew helped put this together.

then i did my presentation where i performed 2 new poems from the upcoming EP the homeland. Tight Rope and For the Homeland. they wanted some feedback about their piece. so they acted it out. here are some stills.

overall it was a good day. kids liked me, i might be doing some more collaborating with some peers. and work on the EP continues. but i had to stop to play some board games with my lil ladies!


good way to start my week if you tell me!

don't forget to come to Arise Book Store this Sunday @ 8pm! i will be performing new pieces!

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