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Sunday, February 1, 2009

One Year Later: El Cafe Open Mic Anniversary

"Its been more than a year and it started as a simple of discussion about exchanging work with an emerging writer.One event made it possible and now it has developed into a place in the heart of the Westside of St. Paul where voices young and old can express themselves"

This past Saturday January, 31st was a the anniversary of something that has become permanent event in my calendar but also in my life.

Open Mics gave birth to what i guess i can call my artistic career and i always wanted to be able to give that opportunity to someone else and over this past year, young kids, older poets, established poets, people like me and you have been able to express themselves through a microphone and shear determination.

I can say that it has been a journey filled with ups and down, but one worth fighting for. Call me old school, but for me the Westside has always been a special place. Whether its the history or the artists coming outta the green stairs (westsiders know what i mean) it has always had its grasp on the ever expanding Latin@ community of the Twin Cities.

that is the main reason for the creation of the open expand the possibilities of self expression through the power of the word.

i am fortunate to have a good support system ( thats you Tomas!) and determination to see this through.

The second year, shall be oh so much sweeter.

keep the last saturday of every month open and you will find out.

Thank you Tomas, El Guante and Katie Ka Vang for making this a memorable night.


Pictures from Anniversary

Katie Ka Vang

El Guante

People standing in the back

Tomas Silva

Jesse Ramirez

Hugo Wong Cardona

Toki Wright

for more pictures click on link
El Cafe Open Mic Anniversary Photos

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