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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Poem: Tonite We Bake Cookies

Tonite we bake cookies

Traditions passed down should be guarded but not locked away
So with those same hands, that nurtured, disciplined and pushed me to explore
That are strong, full of life
Rough to the world but soft in-house
That used trial and error to feed us when there was nothing there
Until the sazon was just right,solo faltaba un poquito de knorr
Those hands not much bigger then us
When the winds blew icicles to bundled fingertips
When the ground no longer gave
And the trees hid
Those hands baked cookies
Quemados until we got the ingredients right
Replacing noches de paneton
Because none where there
Those hands made cookies and chocolate from scratch
that delivered the taste and smell of the homeland
In a land where we seem to be the only breed
And when the wind blew harder and whiteness was the color of nature
Those hands dug out the wooden spoon
La harina, huevos, sal, azucar and many small hands
To bring a warmness that only is produced by love
Implanted in bake goods
Nestle might have the recipe
But they can’t patent the taste

this tradition is not for sale
you cant sell what you don't own
and with that in mind
we sip our warrior's brew
and ban ginger cookies from entering our household

and on a night like the one you created our tradition
we dig out wooden spoons and ingredients
mix the dough with our hands to leave our imprints for little hands and tummy's to absorb the love you left behind
tonite we bake cookies mother, not only porque tu no puedes, not because you cant, but because we need it to survive
we bake cookies so we don't forget
and so you know that you are not alone.

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