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Monday, October 6, 2008

Con Safos Radio- Interview with Melisa from Emetrece Productions

you know for brown people in MN, its a small world, and this interview was no exception, i had taken a class by melisa riviere at the u of m and i was fascinated by her knowledge of the culture of hip hop but most importantly about her focus on cuba and puerto rican hip hop.Melisa is one of the few individuals who have turned her love for hip hop to a phd degree (please no reference to the puff daddy song!!)

if you don't know by now how influential Melissa is , well lets put it this way she is one of the organizer of the successful b-girl be festival as well as the first one to bring tego calderon (to my knowledge!) to MN. She also happens to be the manager of Maria Isa, but her mom and my madre, well they know each other. Regardless..this interview was one of the highlights of the con safos era, we dig deep into meanings, as well as many other topics and we also played some music you all have never heard. enjoy!

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