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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Lazy Sundays

Lazy Sundays...was one of my favorite cartoon books that feature the ever defiant Calvin and Hobbes. Not only for the reason that lazy Sundays meant cartoons, comic book Sundays strips and futbol. but it was the chilaxing day for the family. In a life style where mom would hit the books and dad would try to keep us afloat. busy trying to make ends meet. living on an international student wages. i still wonder how we did it. I remember the days were shopping carts were our mode of transportation because we spend most of our days in goodwill. Woolworth. thrift shops. looking for another's families fortunes in mothball smelling clothes, and outdated hyper color shirts. but it was us. I wasn't ashamed. while other kids might have been, i felt that it was normal. i mean i would do it all over again. because it was the only time i remember we would spend time together. many have memories of vacations that brought them closer. i remember, when i found my first pair of nike's and designer knock off polo shirts, that i would wear with pride. remember the days were dad taught me about cooking rice and slicing government cheese, because those things require skill. these things were found in our Sundays. even watching futbol had a purpose. learning to hope, for change, opportunity that would bring a release of happiness for a brief second. Those were the lazy Sundays. Those were our lazy sundays. Just like hobbes and calvin, using those days to understand each other. embrace the moments that made this our familia.

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